What makes ACME Equipment the best choice?

Tested, Proven Designs
Quality Workmanship
Quality Materials
Acclaimed by Professional Trainers, and Handlers
Outstanding Value
Steel construction members for rigidity
Commercially baked enamel
All metal parts are either white enamel finish or plated to resist rust
Virtually indestructible
Little or no maintenance
Easy, rapid assembly (No tools)
Easy to transport
Spring loaded bar adjustment pins

Ultra-Light-Weight, High-Impact Styrene Boards

The design of our jumps has been developed after years of testing, suggestions and actual use. The best advertising we have are the people who own or use our equipment or have seen it in use. We feel that this is the finest equipment available and we are certain that it is the best investment for training centers, clubs or individuals. Besides being reasonably priced, they are beautiful! We at Acme Machine are very proud of our products. We would like to share with you what some of our past customers have written to us.
Take a moment to read through our web site and thank you for your time and consideration.

Over 20 Years of Quality Production.

What our customer are saying. . .

My friend has had her Acme Jumps for at least 12 years. They travel well and are still performing for her. I hope my jumps will give me the same service as hers. I would recommend your product to any obedience person due to their performance.
Betty W.

I stewarded in obedience at the Sheltie National Show – I knew I had to have a set of these jumps after working with them at the show in PA. I called immediately after returning home for a catalog. I love them. I’m getting back into showing after 20 years and your product is another incentive for me.
P. Lynn Michael

We were delighted with our jumps. I couldn’t believe how nicely they were packed for shipping. Thank you again for such wonderful jumps.
Doreen Thompson

Our dogs enjoy doing agility very much. Your equipment is easy to use and change around. Thank you for a good product.
Alisa Blake

The person who took my order was friendly and efficient and I’m very satisfied with the product.
Thank you.
Laurel Wallace

An excellent product. I’m especially pleased with set-up/take-down time—SO QUICK and EASY, also the sturdiness of the jumps are great!
Anita Roby

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